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6 Essential Trade Show Supplies

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If you are thinking about participating in a trade show, then you will want to make sure that you draw as much attention to your brand or company as you possible. Having the right trade show supplies is the only way to grab the attention of potential customers. Here are some trade show supplies that will make you stand out and get you extra attention at any trade show. Display Board Display boards that are adorned with colourful pictures that tell people about your business will help you to grab a lot of attention at any trade show. Display boards come in three and four panels. They can rest comfortably on tabletops making it easy to display your products or information about your services to everyone at the trade show. Standing Banner Displays Standing banner displays are tall enough to display your company’s logo and products effectively. The height of the banner you choose is up to you. However, the taller they are the better the visual effect, so that you can attract the attention of old and new customers. Ceiling Banner Displays Banner displays can be hung from the ceiling of the trade show’s building if the show is kept indoors. They come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes are triangular, circular and rectangular. These types of displays are good for attracting attention from a distance. Use bold text and graphics on these banners so that no matter what location people are in the building they will have no trouble spotting your tent, booth or display area. Portable Tables Portable tables are a must if you want to lay out items such as products, brochures or flyers. They also make it easy for you to set up and pull down your display as necessary. Custom Tents If you are able to afford it then it is well worth the effort to get a customized tent for your trade show. Customized tents command attention because your brand’s name and company information are proudly displayed and printed directly on the tent and can be seen from some distance away. Velcro Backdrops Get Velcro backdrops for your tent or booth. Velcro backdrops are easy to mount and remove. You can have them customized with graphics so that they display your company information as well as your products or services. Having the right supplies will make it easy for you to set up your displays at any trade show. Consult with a company like Goodkey Show Services Ltd to learn more about trade show supplies and how to incorporate them into your...

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Lesser-Known Ways To Save On Your Wedding Costs

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So, you’re in the process of planning a wedding, but you’re understandably a little intimidated by the costs involved. Not to worry; there are all kinds of things you can do to make the most of your budget and cut down on your wedding costs while still making sure that your guests have a great time. Hold Your Ceremony and Reception in the Same Place A lot of times, couples want to hold their ceremony in a separate location than the reception (especially if they want to get married in a church), but doing so can really add to the cost of your wedding since it requires you to book two separate venues. Save money (and make transportation easier on your guests) by holding the entire event in one location such as Rosebud Mercantile wedding venue. Skip the Cocktail Hour and Get Straight to the Reception Cocktail hours are often used in between ceremonies and receptions to give the bridal party an opportunity to get some professional photos done, but cocktail hours can also come with a lot of hidden costs. Typically, you’re expected to feed appetizers and light beverages to your guests during cocktail hours, which can be pricey. Consider saving some money by going straight from ceremony to reception and simply getting photos done during the reception itself (such as after dinner). Pre-Pay a Bar Tab Instead of Having an Open Bar An open bar can certainly be a fun experience for your guests, but it can also be quite pricey to give your guests unlimited access to booze. Instead, see if your venue will allow you to pre-pay a bar tab. You can pay any amount you’re comfortable with. Once the tab is hit, your open bar will turn into a cash bar (and by that point, your guests will probably be a few drinks in and won’t care, anyway). Provide Vendors With a Cheaper Meal Option Don’t feel obligated to feed your vendors the same fancy, plated meal your guests are going to receive. You’re under no obligation to do this, and most caterers will be happy to provide you with a less expensive meal option to serve your vendors. In some cases, your vendors might even choose to bring their own food, so just ask or check your contract with each vendor to find out what is expected from you. Doing so can save you a lot of money in the...

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